Dressing the Bump Without the Ugly

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I am officially in my 25th week of pregnancy as of today and since day one of finding out I was expecting I have been on the hunt for “stylish” maternity clothes. What I have come to find is many maternity clothing stores have some granny, frumpy looking clothes, which is the exact opposite of what I was looking for. I;m sure if you are also expecting you are not going for that look either haha. I will say there are some cute maternity clothes out there but what I have found they also come with a hight price tag. I personally am not trying to spend a ton of money on maternity clothes I am only going to wear for a brief period of time.

I started to shop back at your everyday women’s stores like Zara, and have been sizing the clothes to my bump. I think that this way of shopping is more beneficial in two ways – 1. I will be able to wear these clothes post baby and 2. they are more affordable than most maternity clothes. I also preferred to shop this way because I did not want to reinvent my style for 9 months by shopping at stores that I don’t like. By shopping at the stores I normally shop at I look and feel like my normal self.

I know that everyone’s style is different, but what has been working for me with dressing my bump is a good ole body con dress or any tighter fitting one. To be honest, my non-pregnant self is a bit self conscious in a tight dress because I don’t want to expose any lumps or bumps. Being pregnant I like showing my bump and I have also noticed I look thinner in the rest of my body by wearing body hugging clothes. If you are also pregnant and have not tried on a body con dress, give it a try and I hope you fall in love like I did!

The other thing I have been paying attention to while shopping in my everyday stores, is the material of the clothing that I am buying. The dress I am wearing today is made of a ponte-knit fabric so it is stretchy and can hug my bump without feeling restricting. Also, Zara right now has a great knit collection of pants, dresses, and skirts, which this is another great option for a fabric. I have been staying away from any woven fabric and I suggest that you do as well because it provides very little stretch. If the woven garment fits you when you try it on, it may not fit when you need to wear it because of your growing bump.

If you are also expecting comment below and let me know how you have been tackling your style with your growing bump! If you have kids and had a lot of luck dressing your bump also please comment below. I am still mastering dressing my body that feels like it is changing on a daily basis so I will always accept some help!

I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!

Xo, Leah

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