28th Birthday // 2nd Blogiversary

Birthday Balloons

I cannot believe that I am turning 28 today, this past year has flown by!

I have always loved my Birthday for as long as I can remember but as I get older I love it for other reasons than just being the longest day of the year. Everyday that goes by you always hear about a tragedy that has struck and it really shows how short life is, so you really should enjoy every moment. This is why I love my Birthday so much, it is time to celebrate that you are still alive for another year! Even if you think you are having tough times, look around, because there is always someone that would rather be in your shoes than their own. Make sure you are always appreciating the things in life we tend to take advantage of. I always try and remind myself of this because it is easy to get down on yourself.

Birthday Balloons

In honor of my 28th Birthday and my 2nd blogiversary I am going to share 28 facts about myself!

28 Facts

Boo Hoo Jumpsuit

Cheers to 28

| Quay Sunnies | BooHoo Jumpsuit | The Styled Collection Necklace |

I am looking forward to see what this year has in store for me! A goal of mine for this upcoming year is stay on a schedule when it comes to the blog, as you can see I have not posting a lot lately. So I am asking you, my readers, to help me stay accountable to keep on blogging!

Cheers to 28! I hope you all have a fabulous 1st day of Summer!

Xo, Leah

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