Mom Jeans

Topshop Mom Jeans

I have been loving this “mom jean” trend that is happening right now! In the past few months I have bought three pairs of this style of denim! These that I am wearing I absolutely loved with the beaded bottom and I knew I just had to have them! When I was younger I always questioned when mom’s would wear this trend, and look at me know it is my favorite style of denim. I always like to remind my friends and family to retry trends they have not likes in the past because you never know, your mind may change.

Cult Gaia Clutch

Topshop Mom Jeans

Trouve Leather Jacket

| Quay Sunnies | Trouvè Leather Jacket | Black T-Shirt | Topshop Jeans | Cult Gaia bag (black) | Aldo shoes (old) similar |

Even though my mom jeans that I have gotten do not have any spandex for stretch, I love how they fit me. In the past I have mainly stuck to a skinny jean since there is usually a decent stretch and I thought they were the most comfortable pair of denim.I am typically not a huge fan of jeans but this style I wish I could wear on a daily basis. Due to my dress code at work I cannot wear them during the week, but I have been living in them on the weekends.

This past weekend I went on a brunch cruise on Lake Michigan with my friend Brittani called the Odyssey II. It is an all you can eat brunch, 3 hours long cruise – who doesn’t want to have brunch on a yacht on the weekend?? Brunch is one of my favorite weekend activities because I love getting together with friends and its a day where I can wear what I actually want to wear. 🙂 If you are looking for a fun event for you and your friends, take the time to check out Odyssey brunch cruises!

Desi X Quay sunglasses

Nordstrom TBD Leather Jacket

Cult Gaia Purse

This season I have also been obsessing over all the bloggers that have this Cult Gaia bag! I couldn’t decide if it was something I needed, but when I read, once it sell out it is gone, I was hooked! I also was looking for a new spring/summer bag that was unique.

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

Xo, Leah

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