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The Fifth Label Shorts

Happy Monday! Can you believe that February starts this week? I feel like I was just saying that it was crazy that 2017 was starting! I was in Florida for work for a week and I extended my trip for a long weekend in Naples because my parents and brother were there, and why not? Who doesn’t want to get out of the cold as much as possible?? The weather was great while I was there and I was able to go for a quick bike ride around the neighborhood.

Also while I was in Naples, I stopped by a store called Rouze that I have been dying to go to ever since I discovered it on Instagram. One of my many Insta girl crush’s, Melanie Pace, went to the store opening of Rouze, so I knew I needed to learn more about the store since she loves it. So naturally I looked up their website and literally wanted almost everything that was on it! I was lucky when I went in they were having a huge sale and I snagged the jacket pictured in this post and a fab silk camisole! Rouze is a store you should check out next time you are in the Naples area.

The other reason I fell in love with Rouze is the back story of the boutique. It was started by a mom & daughter and they had always shared a dream of opening a boutique of their own. As I have mentioned in the past, I LOVE to “Shop Small” and support local businesses. Between Melanie Pace attending the store opening and the story behind the boutique I knew it was going to be the right place for me.

Christophe Sauvat Jacket

Vince Camuto Sandals

Christophe Sauvat Jacket


| Ray Ban Sunnies | Christophe Sauvat Jacket | Mossimo Tank Top | The Fifth Label Shorts | Vince Camuto Sandals (The Rack) |

Christophe Sauvat Jacket

Naples, FL Style

I love trying out new boutiques that I have never been to because it introduces me to new designers that I have not heard of before. I came across this jacket by Christophe Sauvat and I am obsessed with the designer! I cannot find many places online to shop this designer so I am on the hunt to find some more pieces like this. I have really been trying to focus on what I want my style to be and when I came across this jacket it is the look I want my wardrobe to reflect. I will be on the hunt for more of Christophe Sauvat pieces, so if you know a good place in the Chicago area to buy some please let me know!

The other purchase from this post that I have been ranting and raving about lately are my Vince Camuto sandals! I was at Nordstrom Rack the week before I left for Florida and I stopped at the Rack with my mom to find some summer dresses to wear. When I was checking out the shoe section I came across these sandals and they were only $0.01!!!! 🙂 I looked at my mom and was in shock because I was obsessed with them and this situation never happens to me, cheap things that I love haha. I am pretty positive that they were tagged incorrectly but the girl who checked me out had no issue with it. The next time you are shopping the Rack shoe section look closely, you may find a gem like these!

I hope you have a fabulous Monday!

Xo, Leah

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