Desi Perkins X Quay Australia

Quay Australia High Key

I have had a sunglass obsession for as long as I can remember, and stumbled upon Quay Australia about two years ago. Ever since I discover Quay I have collected about 10 pairs of sunnies from them, and these are one of my favorite pairs. Most of the sunglasses are under $60.00 which is always a perk and they look comparable to designer brands. I love that they are have the mirrored lens and I also love how oversized they are.

This pair that I snatched up was a collaboration with Youtuber Desi Perkins and Quay Australia. If you do not know who Desi is, she is a fabulous beauty YouTuber and influencer. I have mention on the blog before how much I love supporting other bloggers/YouTubers because everyone started in a similar place in the blogging world and I think that we should all celebrate other people’s successes.

Quay Australia High Key

Black Gap Romper

Desi Perkins x Quay Australia

Quay Australia

| Quay Sunnies | Kendra Scott Necklace | Gap Romper (old) similar | Rebecca Minkoff Purse (old) similar | Old Navy Sandals (old) similar and here |

It is always nice to break out of the cold in the winter time, so I am extra happy this year since I got to spend sometime in Hawaii. Everyone knows that if you live in the Midwest you have a lack of vitamin D, so while we were in Hawaii I tried to absorb each and every bit that I possible could. When I have a glow going on I feel much better than when I am the color I was born with haha. Also, having the change of weather like this helps me not get so sick of my wardrobe because winter always seems so long so by the end of it I feel as I have nothing to wear, when I clearly do. Going to Hawaii let me mix up my wardrobe a bit, and I am to say that I have a few more warm vacations planned this winter. 🙂

Maui, Hawaii

Leilani's on the beach

Another evening when we were in Maui we headed to dinner at Leilani’s On The Beach, which is at Whaler’s Village Mall. It was one of my favorite meals of the entire trip! We had wonderful drinks, appetizers, and the main course. My brother-in-law’s cousin is the bar manager at Leilani’s so we received some great service while we were there! It was also great to see how well they could accommodate such a large group because there was 16 of us! We also had such a wonderful view of the ocean and the beach, I cannot even imagine working at a place like this and being able to see this view everyday!

I am working on putting together my vlog from Maui so I will make sure I add in everything that I loved and things that you should do if you every go and visit.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and stay warm!

xo, Leah

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