My 2017 Beauty Resolutions

2017 Resolutions

The New Year is here, can you believe it! 2017 seemed to pop up out of no where! For every part of my life I like to set goals/resolutions for the year so I can try to be a better, more rounded person each year. This year I wanted to set specific beauty resolutions because I am getting closer and closer to thirty so I want to keep this skin of mine healthy and youthful as I age.


I know that this is not a very exciting resolution but it is very necessary! People like Jennifer Aniston always say that their skin looks so youthful due to the amount of water they drink. Besides the fact of water helping your skin and hair, it also does wonders for the rest of your body. My husband wrote a great post on the health benefits of drinking water here, so go check it out to see why your body needs it as well!


If you do not know what the NuFace mini solution device is, keep on reading! 🙂 This is a FDA-cleared and clinically tested multi-solution device that improves facial contour, skin tone, and wrinkle reduction to give you a more radiant, younger looking appearance. I do not have any wrinkles yet, but I like to be proactive for my future with my beauty regiment as well. If you want to give the NuFace a try and get one your own, you can purchase it online here!


For Christmas two years ago my parents got my an at home gel manicure kit and I have only used a handful of times. For 2017 my goal is to do more at home manicure’s, instead of spending $35.00 every two weeks to go to the nail salon. I almost always have OPI’s Funny Bunny on my nails so I bought the gel bottle off amazon to make this goal a reality. I will say it takes me a lot longer to do my manicure at home, but in some way it does relax me. Once I get the hang of the at home mani maybe I will do a blog post or a vlog on my YouTube channel.


To be completely honest, I am terrible at washing my make-up brushes, and I know how important it is to so this. I am guilty of just throwing away my brushes and buying new ones instead of washes what I have. I would like to invest in some nice brushes and get in the habit of washing them more. One of my favorite YouTubers, Alexandrea Garza, just shared two great options of cleaners from ecotools. They have a make-up brush shampoo that washes away makeup, oil and impurities from your brushes to improve their performance, and give you a smoother makeup application. The other option is great for on the go because they are make-up brush cleansing cloths! The cloths perform the same as the brush shampoo and each cloth is made with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified material, is dermatologists tested and free of petroleum-based ingredients to leave your brushes clean, soft and healthy. If you are an avid make-up brush cleaner, share in the comments below what your favorite cleaner is. 🙂


This I wanted to include because I LOVE taking a hot bath after a long cold day, but I never seem to find time to do it. After I take a bath I feel so relaxed and refreshed so in 2017 I want to make it a point to find the time and destress in a relaxing bath. Mindfulness falls under the beauty category in my mind because when you are happy and relaxed on the inside it also reflects on the outside. When you are in the bath it is also the perfect time to meditate, which I am also trying to do more of this year.


Like I mentioned above, it is a focus of my to be proactive with anti-aging so another important beauty goal of mine is to find the right beauty regimen for me. Ever since I have been following many YouTube beauty vloggers I have tried so many different products, but I have not found the one that I feel is right for me. My maternal Grandma has sold Mary Kay for many years and has been using it since the 70’s and she rants & raves about the skincare products.  She has always preached the importance of taking your make-up off at night and washing your face. When I was younger it did not mean much to me, but as I have gotten older and seeing the benefits I am trying to find that perfect beauty routine for me. My Grandma turned 75 this year and she does not have one wrinkle on her face! I think that shows that her rule about taking your make-up off is true!

What are some of your beauty resolutions for 2017? I would love to have you share them below in the comments! I hope you are having a wonderful start to the New Year and have a fabulous Friday!

Xo, Leah

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