Super Soft Army Green Scarf


In the fall and winter time I love to layer with a scarf but I always seem to be drawn to the scarves that are $150+ and my pockets don’t go that deep. I am also pretty picky when it comes to finding the right scarf because I do not like when they are too bulky or I do not like the long strings on the ends either. I also think that when you are a busty gal like myself bulky scarves can be a bit overpowering so you just need to hunt to find the right one.

7FAM High Waisted Jeans

Joie Booties


| Zara Scarf | Macy’s Cashmere Sweater | 7FAM Jeans | Chanel Purse | Joie Booties |


Joie dalton Booties

Army Green Zara Scarf

Zara Scarf

The other thing I love about this scarf is that it is SOO soft! It is the size of a blanket scarf but since it is lighter weight than your typical blanket scarf it lays on me so perfectly. This scarf also comes in 6 other colors, and don’t get me wrong, I about to go and buy all of the other colors. Whatever your color palette of your wardrobe is at least one of these color options will work for you!

Since this scarf is so large it would also be great to wear as a pashmina over a dress for a wedding or any other formal event in the fall/winter time. Lately when I have been purchasing clothes and accessories I have been challenging my purchase by thinking, “where can I all wear this?” I want to make sure I can wear it to work and out on the weekends! When you think about a purchase in that way it will help you filter out the unnecessary items you do not need in your life.

Where do you like to purchase your scarves? Comment below!

Xo, Leah


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