Wear to Work: Faux Leather Skirt

Who What Wear Faux Leather Skirt

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I have started a new job and with this new job I have a new dress code too. Previous to this job I really have not had to follow a specific dress code, so I am really excited to try out new areas of clothing that I previously didn’t really buy. This look is from Target’s Who What Wear collection, and I am obsessed with almost everything in the collection. I found a target nearby that carries the entire collection and when I discovered it, I just about dropped dead. If your local target does not carry it you can always order it online too. The great thing about Target’s website is you can locate it at a store nearby if they have it in stock.

Target Who What Wear

Who What Wear Blouse

Who What Wear Faux Leather Skirt

| Who What Wear Blouse | Who What Wear Faux Leather Skirt | Chanel Purse | Jessica Simpson Pumps |

When I started buying some new pieces to wear for my new job I didn’t want to lose my personal style so I have been making sure it is something I love and it relates back to my current closet. I think when people hear that a dress code is business professional they only think of a “Power suit” (which is not for me), but there are so many stores now that carry business professional items that you can mix and match. There are a lot of pieces in the Who What Wear collection at Target that are “work approved”, and I have also had luck at H&M and Zara. I have not wanted to spend a lot of money on this new wardrobe because I am only wearing it during the week and many of the pieces I have bought can mix and match.

I think the most important item to invest in with a new work wardrobe are the shoes because you do not want to get a pair of new heels or flats that are just killing your feet. These Jessica Simpson heels were under $100, so I did not break the bank, but I do love my Vince oxfords that I have been wearing lately. If you are going to invest in a pair of heels I would stick to black or nude because they will blend with your week day looks and your out of work wardrobe too.

Jessica Simpson heels

Target Who What Wear Collection

Who What Wear Faux Leather Skirt

I recently stumbled upon @corporatecatwalk’s instagram and blog and I love her style! I found it at the perfect time because I have gotten a lot of inspiration from it and it helps me look for transitional pieces when I am out shopping. If you are like me and have a specific dress code at work and do not want to lose your style, check out her blog! I am also planning on posting at least once a week on “Wear to Work” looks, so be sure to keep on coming back!

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Xo, Leah

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