Wedding Wednesday: Choosing your Wedding Party

Choosing your wedding party

When it comes to choosing the guys and girls that will be standing by your side it can be difficult. For me have two sisters and was in a sorority in college so it was a very difficult decision on who I was going to have as my bridal babes. I thought about who I talked to on a daily basis and who were the girls I called first to tell that I was engaged. When you you think about it like that it makes it much easier to choose.

Bridal Babes

Wedding Series


For Howard it was also very difficult to choose he was going to have in the wedding party. He has three brothers, my brother and he played football in college for 4 years – so he had a lot of guys to narrow down. Once he used my way of thinking it made the process a bit more easier.

Choosing your Groomsmen

Choosing your Groomsmen

You should never feel pressured to have someone in your wedding because you think they will not be friends with you if they are not included. If that does happen that means you are not real friends. I would never be made at anyone of my friends for not being a part of their wedding party, just being invited makes me happy! Howard and I had such a great Wedding Party we would not have changed it for the world! We love each and everyone of them and want to thank them again for being part of our special day!

If you are in the process of choosing your wedding party do whatever is going to make you happy on your special day. I hope reading this helps you choose your party.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

Xo, Leah

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