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Marigold Shorts

Springtime Date Night Look

| Ray-Ban Sunnies | H&M Blazer | Old Navy White Tank | Claire’s Necklace | Larsson & Jennings Watch | H&M Shorts | DV Dolce Vita Wedges | Rebecca Minkoff Purse (old) similar, seen here |

Happy Monday and Happy May! I cannot believe that May is already here, where is the year going, it is going to be Christmas before we know it! Even though the year is flying I am looking forward to this month because Howard and I are closing on our house and we are celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary! (So if any of you ladies out there have a good idea for a gift for him let me know!) πŸ™‚

Even though the weather has not bee the warmest lately here in the Chicagoland area, all I have been want to wear is shorts. Especially since most of last week I was cooped up inside since all it did was rain. I came across these shorts at H&M when I was shopping with Howard and I knew they would be great for spring and summer. Marigold is one of my favorite colors to wear, so that was the other reason I knew it was a must have.

Even though the weather isn’t quite ready for us to wear shorts everyday, you can start exposing those toes of yours and break out your wedges. I literally lived in these wedges last summer. Luckily for all of you if you do not have them yet, still has some sized available and it other colors too! I would love to get the other two colors because that is how much I wear them, but unfortunately they are not stocked in my size. 😦

If you are looking to get your week started off positively you should check out the She Did It Her Way podcast. Amanda Boleyn is the host and every week she interviews top female entrepreneurs across the country who are doing it their way. If you are thinking of starting something new in your life these interviews may help you think outside the box.

I hope you have a great day!

Xo, Leah


5 thoughts on “Marigold Shorts

  1. Girl, not to be super creepy, but I’m SO jealous of your legs! Congratulations on your one year anniversary coming up. My boyfriend and I always try to do big events for our anniversary. Not sure if that helps, but some kind of concert or event is always fun! I def need to check out that podcast.


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