DIY Washi Tape Calendar + Prepping for the New Year!

I still cannot believe that it is 2016! The beginning of a new year is always a good time to brainstorm what you want to do for the year and how you are going to get it done. The perfect way to start planning for the New Year is creating a monthly calendar that you see on a daily basis. (If you are not in a crafting mood, Target has some great  monthly calendars!) 
For me personally I want to grow The Chicago Suburbanista this year so that is why I decided to make a calendar so I can schedule and see what post I am doing. Check out below and get the steps to make your own Washi Tape Calendar. 
DIY Washi Tape Calendar
What you will need: 
– Dry Erase Board
Washi Tape (you only need one roll for the grid) 
– Ruler (To measure out the boxes) 
– White Board Pen (Usually comes with the board) 
– Post it Notes 
The first step is deciding how you want your calendar to look like, full month shown, weekly, etc. You may want to add a little reminders section to the side or bottom too. 
I wanted to see my schedule a month at a time so I decided to use the entire space for the weeks, and leave a small section at the top and bottom for the days of the week and the current month. Once you choose your layout start measuring the space, and I left a little mark with the dry erase marker where to tape. (Don’t forget to erase it before you lay the tape down) 
Once your beautiful calendar is done, follow the steps of the board to hang so you don’t lose your master piece! 
DIY Washi Tape Calendar
DIY Washi Tape Calendar
DIY Washi Tape Calendar
Five other tips to stay organized in 2016: 
Make Lists: I am the queen of lists, I keep them at work and about 5 at home. Especially when you are planning for an event it is great to write down what all needs to be done, and it feels so go to check it off once the task is done. 
A Clean Closet: Take the time to go through your closet and donate what you haven’t worn and figure out what you actually have so you know what to stock up on when the spring clothes hit stores. 😉 
Clean out your pantry: I don’t know about you but I can sometimes have 7 boxes of the same pasta at home, and when I’m out grocery shopping I pick up the exact same kind. If you start the year with it cleaned and organized you will be able to see what you have and what you need. Also if you have a roomie or husband at home when you call to ask what is in there it will easier to locate.
File Paperwork: All of the mail you receive and pile up in a corner in your house, take the time to sit and sort it to see what is keeps and what can be tossed. 
Schedule time for yourself: When you are looking at your calendar to schedule events make sure you save some time for yourself. When you decide on the day and time you are going to take, just do what you love. Maybe it is reading a new book, taking a nap, or coloring in your adult coloring book – make sure you show yourself some love this year too. 
I hope these tips help to plan the best year yet! Cheers to 2016! 

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