Vegas Look Day to Night

Should have bought this scarf from Kitson
Daytime: | Shirt: Topshop | Necklace: Old | Skirt: Topshop | Combat Boots: Old (similar) | Backpack: Zara
Nighttime: | Leather Jacket: Trouve | Heels: Vince Camuto | Purse: Chanel | 

Sorry I have been M.I.A lately, I was in Las Vegas for a long weekend and we didn’t get home until late Sunday night/early Monday AM. Every time I go to Vegas I seem to be out and about during the day, starting with brunch obvi, and by the time I get back in the evening there never is anytime to get ready to go out. My new thing is dressing down my night look for the daytime.

Before we headed back to get ready for the evening we stopped and had some Sprinkles Ice Cream, which is my absolute favorite place! Next time your in Las Vegas or Beverly Hills make sure you stop in! To start our evening off we enjoyed a ride on the High Roller in the open bar cabin, and we went at the perfect time to enjoy the sunset. It is a great activity to do day or night when you are with your favorite group of people, who doesn’t enjoy a ride and some cocktails?

To update my look for the night all I did was add some lipstick, put some curls in my hair, take off my tights, and top it off with some heels! It is a great way to save some time in the evening to drink, eat, shop, gamble, or whatever your favorite Vegas pastime is.

I ran out of time this trip but here are some of my favorite Places in Vegas: 
Hakkasan (Night Club) 
Chateau (Night Club)
When you are planning your next trip to Vegas, head to to book your hotel, shows, and all the other fun activities to do while you are staying in Las Vegas! They have so many great deals that you will be able to budget more than one activity!  
I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! 

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