A Day at the Races

| All Fascinators (in store) | Sunnies | Top (old) similar | Purse (old) similar | Skirt (old) similar | Belt (old) similar | Wedges
This past Friday I went to Arlington Park with some of my teammates from work and we had a wonderful time! I found out I am horrible at betting, and that was my first and last time placing bets on races…. I would have rather taken that $15 I lost and put it towards some new shoes haha. 
We bought our tickets in a box, which was well worth it, and they did not cost much more than the general admission ticket. The box fits 8 so it would be the perfect day date to do with your couple friends or a girls day out with your besties! I am already mentally planning some trips to the race track next summer with all my favorite gal pals. Even though I will not be betting, just dressing up and drinking champagne will bring me back for more. 
I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! 

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