101 in 1001 Days

As I was surfing through my daily blogs I came across the Design Darling’s 101 in 1001 and I thought it was such a great idea! The below is a list of 101 things I want to do in the next 1001 days (2.75 years), it is like an ongoing new years resolution for the next couple years. I always looked forward to getting married one day and I have accomplished that fairy tale and I want to continue to enjoy everyday and live my life to the fullest! This is a way to dream big and achieve your goals! Here it goes!

101 goals in 1001 Days

Starts: January 29th, 2016
Ends: October 24th, 2018
  1. Find a volunteer opportunity
  2. Find a church and join
  3. Read one book a month
  4. Create a workout plan and stick to it
  5. Try a new fitness class
  6. Research my blog demographic
  7. Plan an editorial calendar bi-monthly and stick to it
  8. Post how to videos on the blog
  9. Learn how to edit videos
  10. Plan & Take a girls trip in 2016
  11. Find a book club
  12. Have a staycation with Howard
  13. Go to the Shed aquarium
  14. Plan/Schedule a trip to Paris
  15. Bike the Road to Hana (Maui)
  16. Find French classes to take
  17. Play golf five times a summer
  18. Buy a house
  19. Decorate the new house
  20. Complete 5 DIY home project
  21. Create my own creative space for my office
  22. Save $10 for each goal achieved
  23. Treat myself to a new Louis Vuitton
  24. Bake once a month
  25. Attend a blogging conference in 2016, 2017, & 2018
  26. Collaborate with another blogger
  27. Host a blogger brunch
  28. Take a cooking class
  29. Host a dinner party
  30. Find the perfect LBD
  31. Develop Wedding photos
  32. Submit wedding photos to a website
  33. Stop hitting snooze
  34. Guest post on someone else’s blog
  35. Go kayaking with Howard three times a summer (minimally)
  36. Plan & take a couples trip
  37. Grow my Instagram following to 1,500
  38. Blog as I complete items on this list
  39. Join a blogging community
  40. Visit NYC three times in a year
  41. Attend Beauty + The Beast in Chicago
  42. Get my boaters license (I have had a boat in my life since I was born)
  43. Upgrade to a MAC desktop
  44. Plan a girls day to Arlington Park race track
  45. Take a surfing lesson (in Hawaii)
  46. Open a 401K
  47. Donate blood twice a year
  48. Start a blog series
  49. Host an event at a Boutique/store
  50. Follow a better sleep schedule
  51. Use my Sephora VIB ROUGE status and get my makeup done
  52. Go on a Mom and sister long weekend trip
  53. Host a tea party
  54. Organize my photos and and post cards from Italy
  55. Blog redesign
  56. Long weekend trip to Seattle
  57. Complete an adult coloring book
  58. Craft five DIY project with my Cricut
  59. Try stand up paddle boarding
  60. Sew a piece of clothing on my sewing machine
  61. Inspire a reader to start their own 101 in 1001
  62. Pay off my AMEX
  63. Complete the 60 day NuFace trial
  64. Pick a bed time and stick to if for two weeks
  65. Post sponsored content
  66. Bake a homemade apple pie for Howard
  67. Pizza thru Chicago post
  68. Grow to 6,000 page views a month
  69. Attend church three times a month
  70. Host a Halloween party
  71. Go strawberry picking
  72. Make Strawberry pie
  73. Trip to Naples, Fl with Howard
  74. Start a family (A dog counts too)
  75. Participate in a loop give away
  76. Be featured on a brand’s Instagram
  77. Do laundry once a week (I’m terrible at this..)
  78. Go on a picnic with Howard
  79. Complete DIY monogram stationary
  80. Create a necklace organizer
  81. Visit Nashville
  82. Join a DG alum group and pay my dues
  83. Host an award show party
  84. Learn how to successfully make Crème Brûlée
  85. Host a Kentucky derby party
  86. Send in Delta Gamma sorority shirts for a quilt to be made
  87. Create a media kit for The Chicago Suburbanista
  88. Update blog logo and create favicon
  89. Create a contact me page
  90. Go on a double decker bus tour of Chicago
  91. Go up to the viewing deck at the Willis tower
  92. DIY/create my own go to necklace
  93. Watch all Harry Potter movies, first – last
  94. Be contact free for 5 days and document each look
  95. Join an intramural league
  96. Help plan a fashion show with a local boutique
  97. Perform a closet clean-out for someone
  98. Read 4-5 times a week for a month
  99. Watch a sunrise
  100. Transfer xxx amount of money to my savings each paycheck
  101. Start selling on Poshmark

I hope I have inspired you to create a list of your own! Here is to living life to the fullest!